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Privacy Of Medical Records May Be Limited

You need to know that not all of your medical records are governed by HIPAA.


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Computerized Medical Records Subject To Cyber Attacks

Many hospitals will need to turn to what is called cyberdefense in an effort to defend patient confidentiality.


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Doctors Using Electronic Medical Records To Improve Care

Even with the introduction and clerical nature of electronic medical records, physicians are starting to find ways to use them to improve care.


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Advances In Healthcare Technology

There are entrepreneurs out there who are working to develop technology revolving around the smart phone to help with healthcare.


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Disruption In Healthcare May Be For The Better

When people talk about the changes in healthcare, words like transformation and innovation are thrown around. As a patient, that sounds pretty good. But another word, one that is more foreboding, is also being used – it is disruption.


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Medical Records Privacy

By law, how confidential is your medical information? Not as confidential as you may think.


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The Future Of Medicine

Thanks to electronic medical records outputting data at an unprecedented rate and volume, databases for studies can now number in the millions. There are advantages and disadvantages as to how this might influence patient care and treatment.



The Benefits Of Computerized Medical Records

There are many arguments for and against the computerization of medicine.



The Impact Of Computers On Health Care

The use of computers in the health care industry may mean that Information gained from the compilation of patient data and the ability for doctor’s to communicate with one another could revolutionize the way care is provided.


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‘Meaningful Use’ Of Technology In Medicine

Meaningful use is the way the government has chosen to describe a series of rules and regulations that will help determine how computers and technology will affect the care you are given.


Disparities in Health Care

The goal in healthcare today is to try to eliminate health care disparities, which often fall along racial or economic lines, or at least equalize care as much as possible.


The Doctor Is In — Your Phone

Mobile devices and electronic medical records are having an impact on the health care system already and if you have a physician’s office on the cutting edge, you may be getting your medical labs, appointments and even advice on your mobile device.


Imperfect 'Advances' in Medical Technology

by KYW’s medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough There is a great deal of conversation surrounding the wonders of electronic medical records and the revolution in health care, but medical technology is no different than any […]