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The Benefit Of Companion Animals For Seniors

Studies have also shown that seniors benefit greatly from living with a pet.


Elderly Man With Cane

Delaware Police Locate Missing Elderly Man Suffering From Dementia

Police in Wilmington are asking for the public’s assistance in searching for a 78-year-old man who went missing Thursday night.


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Exercise As You Age

Over the years, the healthiest people have been those who have continued to stretch, eat well and exercise as they got older.


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Seniors Happier With Companions

What is the role of companionship as far as our health is concerned? According to several major studies, having companionship can help us at any age.


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For Seniors, Home Is Where The Harm Is

One of the most dangerous places for a senior citizen could be what is considered to be the safest place — the home.


elderly scam

Police Seek Public’s Help In Locating Suspects Involved In Elderly Scam

Burlington Township Police are asking for the public’s assistance in searching for two suspects accused of scamming elderly women.


Norristown Nurse Not Guilty Of Neglect

A southeastern Pennsylvania nurse has been acquitted of all charges of endangering a nursing home patient by ignoring an alarm signaling that her breathing tube was disconnected.


Meals On Wheels

Volunteers Needed For Kosher Meals On Wheels Program

The Philadelphia Meals on Wheels program is looking for help to make and deliver kosher meals.


Hospice May Relieve The Painful Expense Of Dying

When someone is diagnosed as terminally ill, decisions can be made early enough to prevent many of the last ditch attempts to extend life that not only cost a great deal of money but can lead to unwanted pain or further suffering.


Unhealthy Lifestyle Could Lead to Dementia

by KYW’s medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough Researchers looking at dementia in the elderly have noticed that there are definite connections between dementia and uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.