Edward Guinan

(Images in red, green, and blue show the location of the newly discovered dwarf planet nicknamed "Biden."  Image by Scott S. Sheppard, Carnegie Institution for Science.  Used with permission)

Astronomers Announce Discovery of New ‘Dwarf’ Planet at Edge of Solar System

It’s official designation is 2012 VP113. The “VP” in the name inspired its nickname: Biden.


(The Minotaur rocket, with LADEE aboard, on the launch pad in Virginia.  Photo provided by NASA)

Friday Night NASA Launch Should Be Visible Along East Coast

The LADEE, or Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer, is scheduled to launch from the Wallops Flight Facility at 11:27 pm.


(Extreme-ultraviolet image of the Sun shows Tuesday's large solar eruption, left of center.  NASA photograph)

Despite Fears, Huge Solar Flare Has Little Apparent Effect on Earth

The biggest solar flare in six years erupted on Tuesday and was heading our way. However, it appears that Earth has dodged most of the barrage of charged particles shot out by the sun.