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Education Week

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Free Content Challenges Publishers

Commercial publishers are not only battling for a greater textbook market share, they are also battling a growing market of open educational resources.



Study: Children Can Learn By Explaining

Many times students can recite facts, but don’t understand underlying concepts. A new study suggests that focusing on ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ can help them learn.



Teaching Kids To Be Savvy Researchers

Finding flawed material on students’ work, has reportedly prompted more teachers to teach online research skills.


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MOOCS Providing Online Teacher Education

MOOCs, “massively open online courses,” are reaching vast numbers of people and now the organization is moving into professional development for K-12 education.


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Hollywood Sees Good In Education

Ross Brenneman in his Education Week blog cites some of Hollywood’s well intentioned education movies of 2012, those that shed a positive light on school climate.



Effects Of Lead Exposure On Student Achievement

While lead has been linked to negative school performance among poor and African American students, little has been done for affected children.


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Seeking Alternatives To The GED Exam

The GED exam will soon be offered online – but it will be more expensive than the paper test now available. Some states, including New Jersey, are seeking alternatives.


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Later School Start Helps Teens

Sleep is critical to brain development, memory function, and cognitive skills and discussions have been held for years about sleep-deprived teens and the effect it has on their schooling.



What Makes A Good Principal?

A recent study by the Bush Institute found that states have little or no information on how principals are prepared, licensed, supported and evaluated.


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Youth Sports Safety Action Plan Proposed To Lawmakers

Not surprisingly, we’ve learned that school sports aren’t always fun. Fortunately, the Youth Sports Safety Alliance has proposed some major safety changes.



Are Good Grades Contagious?

The findings of a recent study showed that those whose friends averaged higher GPAs at the start, were more likely to improve their grades; while those with higher GPAs were more likely to drop their grades.


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Why Mental Arithmetic Counts

Those who did well in the math section of the PSAT showed more activity in the brain area linked to memory of math facts.



Common Standards Drive New Reading Approaches

The Common Core State Standards in reading and math have been adopted by almost every state and will go into effect by 2014 but there are some challenges in implementation.


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Children’s Stress Impacts Health And Academics

Positive, short term stress is healthy. Children need to learn to manage adversity like dealing with the first day of school. But sustained and severe stress, such as poverty, can be toxic, with longterm implications.


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Protests Over School Lunches

We usually think of young protesters as college students; however, high schoolers across the country are protesting over school lunches offered under the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.