Eating Out

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Suing For Food Poisoning

In this holiday season of too much food and too many stomachaches, people wonder if they can sue for food poisoning.


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Open Table App

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you still haven’t made a dinner reservation? Time for OpenTable.


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The Economic Effect On Diet

Could the recent economic downturn improve our health? Certainly not from a standpoint of stress, but it did cause Americans to eat less overall, at least according to the USDA.


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Burpple App

There are plenty of people taking pictures of food these days, but a significantly smaller number suggesting where to eat. Burpple is looking to reverse that.



Healthy Out App

Eating out isn’t easy for people trying to watch their diet. Calorie counts are spotty and if you’re on a restricted diet, it’s hard to find the right foods. The HealthyOut app makes it a little easier.


7. Food Preparer

The Raved App

The best place to find new good places to eat and have fun is your friends. That’s where the Raved app comes in.


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Food Spotting App

There are plenty of apps that let you review restaurants, but if you’re more interested in particular dishes, FoodSpotting might be the one for you.


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Seamless Food Delivery is a food delivery app that lets you not only place orders in most major metro areas, but offers detailed pictures of the dishes and filters restaurants by ratings, price and type of cuisine.


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Happy Hours App

Happy Hours shows all of the food and drink specials near you – along with when you can get them.


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The Nosh List App

The worst part about going out for a meal is standing around waiting for your table. NoshList can make that a little more bearable.


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Square Card Case

The Square Card Case app will open a tab for you when you walk into a participating restaurant or other place of business.


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The OpenTable App allows you to book a table at your favorite restaurant or find out where there’s room otherwise.