Dogs Detecting CancerDogs can distinguish among chemical differences that linger in the breath of a person with cancer.
European Researchers Developing Less Painful MammogramEuropean researchers are reporting that it is possible to perform mammography using pressure evenly exerted throughout breast and, therefore, less painful.
Testing For Ovarian CancerThere is new information from Johns Hopkins about a test that can detect ovarian cancer with the pap smear.
Crozer Keystone Health SystemDr. Thomas Matulewski of Crozer Keystone Health System stopped by with information on early detection in breast cancer.
Advances In Breast Cancer Research A study of mutated genes associated with breast cancer shows that there is a wide variety of genes leading to problems.
The Risks Of Prostate CancerThere are nearly 900,000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed each year and over 250,000 deaths worldwide. Men of African ancestry are at particularly high risk.

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