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Costly Mistakes For Some Drivers On PA Turnpike Without E-ZPass

More than 4 thousand people without a transponder have used a new E-ZPass only exit that just opened in the Poconos.


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Pennsylvania Turnpike To End Usual Tolls At Jersey Crossing

The Pennsylvania Turnpike will replace traditional toll collection with all-electronic tolling at the Delaware River Bridge, which connects Bristol, Pennsylvania, with Burlington Township, New Jersey.


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Hike In Pa. Turnpike Tolls Begins This Weekend

Tolls for drivers who use the Pennsylvania Turnpike are going up starting Sunday.


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Higher Tolls Take Effect On NJ-NY Crossings

Motorists are now paying more to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey when they drive from New Jersey into New York City.


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New Round Of Toll Hikes Coming For Pa. Turnpike Drivers

Starting January 5th, tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will rise an average of 2 percent for E-ZPass customers and 12 percent for cash customers.


(The new EZ Pass transponders are about half the size of the old ones.
 Credit: Mike DeNardo)

New Generation Of E-ZPass On Its Way

A new, smaller E-ZPass is coming to a windshield near you.


E-ZPass Trick Gives Truckers Free Ride Through Tolls, Sticking Others With The Bill

Have you ever noticed a big truck riding your bumper as you go through an E-ZPass toll? If so, you better check your statement right away. The truck could be trying to get a free ride on your dime.



All-Electronic Pa. Turnpike Tolls Could Mean Cash Customers Pay Even More

A year-long study has concluded that switching to an all-electronic toll system is feasible and the Pennsylvania Turnpike has announced plans to explore the idea further. But, a system would have to be developed to still collect tolls from cash customers.


(Cash tolls are going up 10 percent on the Pennsylvania Turnpike starting January 1st. File photo)

Pennsylvania Turnpike Cash Tolls Going Up In New Year

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is reminding motorists that cash tolls will go up 10 percent on January 1st.



3-On Your Side: E-ZPass Discounts

We all know E-ZPass can save you time at the tolls, but it can also save you money with special discounts. Still, some changes have just gone into effect. 3 On Your Side’s Jim Donovan guides you through the confusion.



E-ZPass Discounts On Some New Jersey Roads Could End

About half the drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway could soon be paying higher tolls during off-peak hours with their E-ZPasses.



New Year Means New Rates On Pa. Turnpike

If you’re using the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Monday, don’t forget new rates are in effect and that is not the only change.



New E-ZPass-Only Slip Ramp Is Open In Bucks Co.

A new EZ Pass-only slip ramp is now open on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Bucks County and it’s designed to alleviate congestion at the toll road’s second busiest interchange.



3 On Your Side: Taken At The Tolls?

It’s fast, easy and convenient. E-ZPass allows drivers to pay their tolls electronically and keeps them moving. But it’s not always accurate.


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NJ Turnpike Authority Curbs Employee Perks

More than 1,900 New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway employees will no longer get a free ride to work.