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Judge: Apple Conspired To Raise E-Book Prices

Apple Inc. broke antitrust laws and conspired with publishers to raise electronic book prices significantly in spring 2010, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, citing “compelling evidence” from the words of the late Steve Jobs.



Author Uses Multi-Media To Take Story Beyond The Page

Many of us read e-books on an e-reader, tablet or computer, but not as many will crack open a regular book with extra e-content.


Get Your Hands On eBooks For Free

Book lovers everywhere have turned a page when it comes to the way they read. A group of women in Center City has made the leap by creating their own high-tech book club.


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New Jersey Librarian Urges Publisher To Reconsider E-Book Policy

A librarian-blogger has begun a petition campaign to try to get a major publisher to reverse a decision to restrict library e-books to be circulated 26 times before they have to be re-purchased.