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Duck Boat Accident

Co-counsel Jeff Goodman listens as Robert Mongeluzzi speaks with reporters about the death of a pedestrian who was struck by a duck boat at 11th and Arch Streets.  Photo by Pat Loeb

Lawsuit Filed in Death of Pedestrian Run Over By Duck Boat in Chinatown

“Three deaths in less than five years have proven that the duck boats are dangerous on the water and dangerous on the land,” said attorney Robert Mongeluzzi.


Matt Devlin

Deposition Of Tugboat First Mate Involved In Duck Boat Crash Released

The lawyer for those killed released the October 2011 deposition of Matthew Devlin — a tugboat first mate, who left his post as the pilot — in the midst of a personal crisis.


(Dora Schwendtner, 16, and Szabolcs Prem, 20, were killed when an amphibious tour boat was rammed by a barge in the Delware River.  Family photos)

City Considering Memorial For 2 Students Who Died In 2010 Duck Boat Crash

“These are modest people, working people from Hungary,” says Robert Mongeluzzi, who represents the families of the victims. “They’re not asking for some fancy memorial. They’re asking for a simple bench in memory of their children.”


The victims' families and attorney Robert Mongeluzzi (left). (Credit: John McDevitt)

Settlement Reached In Duck Boat Accident Case

A $17 million settlement has been reached in the wrongful death case of two Hungarian students killed in a duck boat collision in Philadelphia.


The victims' families and attorney Robert Mongeluzzi (left). (Credit: John McDevitt)

Families Of Duck Boat Victims Speak Out Via Translator

After settlement negotiations ended Tuesday night, the families of the Duck Boat crash victims spoke through their translator, continuing their push for justice and demanding the two boat operators apologize for the deaths of their children.


(Attorney Robert Mongeluzzi, center, and fellow attorneys representing family members of duck boat victims in background, speak with reporters on Monday outside the US Courthouse in Philadelphia.  Credit: Steve Tawa)

Sudden Halt to Duck Boat Trial as Settlement Discussions Are Renewed

In the midst of the second day of testimony, Judge Thomas O’Neill suggested that all parties in the case meet with another federal judge to engage in settlement discussions. Attorney Robert Mongeluzzi (photo) represents two victims who died in the 2010 crash.


(The collision of a barge with the disabled duck boat was caught on video.  Photo from NTSB)

Duck Boat Survivor Describes Chaos of 2010 Barge Crash On Delaware River

Kevin Grace, a visitor from Illinois, was one of the passengers on ill-fated duck boat 34 that afternoon in July of 2010 as a sludge barge being pushed by a tugboat bore down on the amphibious tour vehicle. Two other passengers were killed.


New Video Duck Boat Crash

New Video Of 2010 Deadly Duck Boat Accident Released

Attorneys for two Hungarian students who died when a tugboat and a barge slammed into the disabled duckboat on which they were riding have released new video showing what they say are disturbing new details of the deadly crash of July 2010.


(A barge pushed by a tug boat bears down on a disabled duck boat in the Delaware River just before the fatal collision in July 2010.  NTSB photo)

Duck Boat Accident: Tug Pilot Will Ask For Judge’s Mercy

The attorney representing the tugboat pilot pleading guilty in the fatal duck boat crash says he will ask the judge to spare his client jail time because of the circumstances that led to the accident.


The Duck Boat Accident

Tug Pilot Pleading Guilty In Deadly Duck Boat Crash

US prosecutors in Philadelphia have charged a tug pilot with involuntary manslaughter in a deadly crash last summer between a barge and a duck boat that killed two Hungarian students, and he has agreed to plead guilty.


(A duck boat tour makes its brief excursion into the Delaware River earlier this month.  Photo by John McDevitt)

Philadelphia Duck Boats Will Not Operate On 1-Year Anniversary Of Deadly Barge Crash

The company that operates Philadelphia’s amphibious “duck boat” tours has announced that it will halt service for one day, July 7th, to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly accident in which two Hungarian tourists riding in a duck boat on the Delaware River lost their lives.


(The moment of impact of a 250-foot sewage barge on a disabled "duck boat" on the Delaware River in July 2010.  Two people died.  Photo from NTSB)

NTSB Issues Final Report In Deadly ‘Duck Boat’ Crash On Delaware River

Nearly a year after the deadly collision involving a barge and a tour boat along the Delaware River near Penn’s Landing, the National Transportation and Safety Board determines probable cause and releases safety recommendations.


mongeluzzi robert DL madden

Duck Boat Victims’ Attorney Says NTSB Findings Bolster Their Lawsuit

Attorney Robert Mongeluzzi says that Hunganian students Dawn Schwendtner and Szabolcs Prem would be alive today were it not for the negligence of “Ride the Ducks” and tugboat operator K-Sea Partnerships.