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PennDOT Urges Drivers To Stay Off The Road

Flooding, road closures, downed trees and mud slides caused major transportation woes Thursday morning and now authorities are strongly urging the public to stay off the roadways in eastern Pennsylvania.


Police: Suspect Drilled Holes Into Puckup Truck, Stole Gas In Bensalem

Police in Bucks County are trying to figure out who drilled holes in the gas tank of a truck parked in a mall parking lot.


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Part 3: New Building Codes and Standards

KYW’s John McDevitt reports that many New Jersey coastal communities have stronger building standards in place today because of earlier hurricanes — notably Hurricane Katrina in 2005.



3 On Your Side: Summer Car Advice

The long holiday weekend will soon be upon us, and for many that means taking a road trip. Is your car in shape to hit the highways this summer? 3-On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has some advice so that you don’t get stranded.


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Delaware Hosts ‘Senior Driver Day’

The Delaware Department of Transportation is hosting a “Senior Driver Day” to help older drivers.


Texting And Driving

Philadelphia Police Crackdown On Texting And Driving, Jaywalking

A new unit of eight to 10 officers will rotate among five zones in Center City each day during the summer, enforcing laws such as no bicycling on the sidewalk, no texting while driving, and for pedestrians — obeying signals at crosswalks.


Health Alert: Stop Texting While Driving App

The top distraction while driving is a cell phone. Whether you’re chatting or texting, it can be dangerous.


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How Does Your Vehicle Handle In Snow?

It doesn’t take much snow or ice to throw a major wrench into your commute. It helps to know how your car or truck handles in messy weather before you hit the road.


Texting And Driving

3 On Your Side: DriveSafe.ly

We all know it’s unsafe and even illegal to use a hand-held cell phone while driving. A new mobile application just for drivers promises to keep you informed at all times, and you don’t have to touch your hand-held device.


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Rendell Acknowledges His Driving Skills Are Rusty

Many teenagers know how Gov. Ed Rendell feels: tooling down an open highway and trying to remember that the accelerator is on the right and the brake is to the left.



Things To Know When Assessing An Elderly Parent’s Ability To Drive

Taking the keys away from your elderly parent, it’s a moment everyone dreads no matter how necessary it is. But your family physician can help you through that process.


Texting And Driving

Pa. Lawmaker Seeks Statewide Ban On Talking-Driving

State Representative Josh Shapiro says using a handheld cell phone while driving could soon be illegal throughout Pennsylvania.


(credit: CBS)

Study: Texting Bans Don’t Reduce Crashes

It’s illegal to text and drive in Philadelphia. The same holds true for the state of Delaware and New Jersey will soon follow suit. But a new study shows the law may not be effective.


Shane Victorino

Victorino Preaches ‘Texting Can Wait’ To Students

The Philadelphia Phillies’ Flyin’ Hawaiian was up early Wednesday to make a pitch to local students. Shane Victorino wants the young people to pay attention behind the wheel and he took his message to the road.


Aging Reduces Night Vision

by KYW’s medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough As people age, it can become increasingly difficult to see at night because night vision is affected. This is particularly important for people who are driving at night, […]





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