Chronic Leg Pain - Get Screened for P.A.D.Rasa Kaye talked with Dr. Kovach about the risk factors, symptoms and precision treatments for PAD at Deborah, and about Deborah’s upcoming PAD Fair and Screening Event on September 23, 2017 at its Burlington County location. Patients should register for a free screening and consultation at the event at or call the PAD Screening Event Hotline at 609-621-2080.
The Latest In Diagnosing & Treating Peripheral Artery DiseaseAt the supermarket, the question can be “Paper or plastic?” Increasingly, when surgeons at Deborah Heart and Lung Center consider a stent to keep a leg artery open to treat peripheral artery disease , they ponder “Metal or bio-absorbable?” And that’s if they’ve determined a stent is needed at all, after clearing artery blockages with sophisticated atherectomy tools and stretching them with drug-coated balloons to prevent re-narrowing from an overgrowth of scar tissue.
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