Dr. Marciene Mattleman

Technology Can Change The Academic Calendar

Online college courses that are ‘self-paced’ are growing in popularity and some say the next frontier in education is to merge ‘self-paced’ with social networking for greater interaction.


The Dropout Problem

Of the developed countries in the world, the US ranks number 18 with high school graduates. Research shows that youth from low income families drop out at 6 times the rate of those from higher income families.


Paying For College

Philadelphia (CBS) – The United States ranks 14thin the world of those who have college degrees. Ask young people why they don’t plan on college and they’ll say they can’t afford it. For many it […]


Relating Zip Codes To Achievement

A report released by the Century Foundation, “Housing Policy is School Policy” reinforces the long held belief that where a student lives plays a significant role in academic performance.


Women’s Education Is Beginning To Pay Off

Women are taking a new place in American society. More women finish high school and at almost every level of higher education women outnumber men. And, women’s income is rising higher than men’s.


Head Start Programs Must Measure Up

Head Start programs up for evaluation will be reviewed under seven performance conditions in categories relating to quality, licensing and operation, fiscal and internal controls.


European M.B.A. Programs Are Recruiting Americans

European M.B.A programs are making headway in recruiting foreign students. They emphasize multiculturalism and can be completed in one year as opposed to a typical two year American program, saving students tuition.


What’s Changed? Kindergarten, Not Kids!

This month, the Gesell Institute for Human Development at Yale is reporting on studies done to determine how child development today relates to Arnold Gesell’s observations, first published in 1925.


Boosting Chinese Language Instruction in the US

Along with China’s growing global presence, its government has committed many millions of dollars to start Chinese language classes in the US.


Tinkering Brings Innovation

In this age of testing kids to gauge achievement, it’s good to remember that part of education is letting them explore and create. They are tinkerers by nature and their imaginations can soar.


Making School Sports Safer

With the sharp increase in recent years of sports-related injuries for student-athletes, representative Timothy Bishop of New York, part of the House Education and Labor Committee, is sponsoring a bill requiring schools to develop a plan for concussion safety and management.


Baltimore Teachers’ Contract Breaks New Ground

Baltimore teachers have signed a contract that breaks new ground because it scraps the old model of ‘step’ increases based solely on years of experience and education and links pay in part to students’ performance.


College Awareness Week

The PhillyGoes2College Office, an information and referral center in the Mayor’s Education Office is sponsoring College Awareness Week: “Everything Adults Need to Know about Going to College” for parents, a workshop on planning for students with learning differences, financial aid and scholarships.


A Large School Can Turn Around

At a time when small and turnaround efforts are burgeoning, Brockton High School in Massachussetts is setting a marvelous example of goal setting, collaboration and group by-in.


Computer Program Raising Math Scores

ST Math, a computer-based supplemental math program has dramatically improved the math skills of students at an elementary school in California.