Dr. Leon Rosenberg

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Center For Emotional Fitness

Doc Leon is back to talk about how love is the most important part of a healthy life and what his definition of love is.


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Dr. Leon Rosenberg On Seasonal Depression

Dr. Leon Rosenberg, MD was here to speak with Pat Ciarrocchi about seasonal depression.


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Center For Emotional Fitness

Doctor Leon Rosenberg and one of his teenage patients spoke about how the teen was misdiagnosed and treated with the wrong medication, but after seeking help from Dr. Leon, she feels like a brand new person.


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Dr. Leon Rosenberg

Dr. Leon was here to speak with us about the psychology behind New Year’s Resolutions.


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Center For Emotional Fitness

Dr. Leon Rosenberg stopped by with more information on mental illness.


The Center Of Emotional Fitness

Depression Treatment At The Center For Emotional Fitness

Have you been feeling down, anxious or depressed? How can you tell if those feelings are fleeting, or if you should see a doctor for treatment or a possible research study?



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