Report: College Students Overestimate How Much Peers DrinkOur perceptions of other people are often different than reality.
Study: Overweight People May Have Lower Pain ToleranceIt’s a fascinating concept. Could our weight affect the way we perceive pain?
A Look At Over The Counter MedicationsIt is part of the business of medicine.
Our Cells Could Hold The Secret To AgingThe secret to aging and a potential fountain of youth may be a cellular structure we’ve all studied.
New Report Looks At Rate Of 'Dating Violence'The American Public Health Association periodically looks at the issue of violence between men and women on dates.
Vaccine Education More Important Than EverFew will argue an educated person is the best weapon against disease.
How Younger Athletes Can Avoid Lasting InjuriesWomen are exercising more than ever, and it starts at younger ages.
Obesity Linked To Greater Odds Of Developing CancerThe more weight you carry on your body, the greater the odds of developing cancer.
Researchers Link Emotional Centers Of The Brain To Decision Making Emotional decisions are very difficult to make, and they often take a great deal of energy.
Could Your Abdominal Pain Actually Be From Allergies?It is a terrible feeling, and we have all felt it: the combination of abdominal pain and diarrhea.
Physicians Try New Techniques To Test For AllergiesWe have excellent techniques for allergy testing.
CDC Weighs In On Tuberculosis In The United StatesThere was a time when tuberculosis was a major killer in this country.

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