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Improving Trust Between Patient And PhysicianA hallmark of the patient-physician relationship is trust.
New Study Supports Theory Epigenetic Changes Can Impact FertilityA new study performed in rodents supports the theory.
Medical Researchers Still Puzzled On Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's Disease remains one of the most puzzling conditions that modern medicine is facing.
Risk Of Migraines Could Be Linked To WeightSometimes, it is good not to be at the extremes. In other words, just be average.
Reducing The All-Cause Mortality RateThere is interesting news from Sweden: the risk for all-cause and cardiovascular mortality have declined among patients with diabetes in that country.
Linking Alcohol Use And Dreary WeatherDo people drink more alcohol when the temperatures are low and the weather is bleak?
Treating Brain Injury With Circadian Rhythm ManipulationCircadian rhythms dominate our lives. The most classic example is the sleep wake process in our body.
Journal Reports Rise In Number Of Strokes In Younger PeopleA disturbing trend in our nation’s health reported in the journal JAMA Neurology.
Another Reason To Be Wary Of OpioidsThere is yet another reason to worry about the use of opioids.
Where You Live Could Impact Healthcare CostsIt is an issue that is becoming increasingly noticeable as studies are performed looking at ways to reduce hospital costs.
How A Marathon Can Impact Those Outside Of The RacePeople are training for marathon season but, according to a new report from the New England Journal of Medicine, we often think of risks to runners but we often ignore those living close to the race.
The Importance Of Nurses In Hospital CareOne of the most important parts of a patient’s care in the hospital is nursing.

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