Researchers Examine Link Between GI Tract Bacteria, Our Overall Health
Cholesterol And Alzheimer'sWhat about the relationship between cholesterol and Alzheimer’s dementia?
Continuing To Fight The Opioid EpidemicThere are steps we could be making right now that would make a big difference.
Another Reason To Eat A Healthy DietAn overall healthy diet has been linked to a lower risk of hip fractures.
Childhood Obesity Growing In United StatesAccording to a report in the journal Pediatrics, the childhood obesity rate has risen in the United States between 2014 and 2016 by almost five percent.
Using Virtual Reality To Treat DementiaIt was called “The Way Back Project” and it used a mobile device to re-create the queen's coronation in 1953.
Study: Learning More About PTSD From Mass ShootingsA study in the Journal Neurology took a look at adolescent survivors of a mass shooting at a Norwegian summer camp that left 69 dead and 33 wounded.
Getting Kids To Eat HealthierGetting school children to eat healthy foods might not be as hard as we think.
The Danger Of Poor Communication In MedicineIn medicine, we call it non-compliance. That’s just another big medical word that gets in the way of communicating information.
Poor Nutrition In Underdeveloped CountriesAccording to the World Health Organization, poor nutrition contributes to more than 50% of deaths worldwide.
Medication And PregnancyI have an important warning for women who are of childbearing age.
Cancer And RaceCancer is evil and it is not politically correct. In other words, it discriminates one race against another.

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