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Study: No Link Between Inducing Labor And Risk Of Autism

A new study says there is no link between autism and the use of Oxytocin during induced labor.


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New Test Helps Tell A Heart Attack From Chest Pains

It’s a large Swedish study and they found as a blood test pulls the usual EKG was 99% accurate at showing which patients could be safely sent home rather than be admitted for observation and testing.


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Schmidt’s Skin Cancer Diagnosis Is Eye Opener For Many

The fact that Mike Schmidt has malignant melanoma has raised a lot of questions and concerns about the disease.


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Studies Show Music Holds The Key To Lost Memories

It may feel like it was just yesterday when you first heard that Beatles song, but believe it or not, it came out more than four decades ago.


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Researchers Give Food Labeling The “Green Light”

Cafeteria cash registers recorded how many foods of each color was purchased.


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Researchers Look Into Long-Term Risks And Benefits Of Marathon Running

Are marathon runners in better shape long-term than the rest of us?


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Princeton U. Begins Offering Experimental Meningitis Vaccine To Students

The type B strain of meningitis is very rare in the United States, but it has attacked at Princeton, and the symptoms can occur quickly and be potentially deadly.


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New Research Shows 3-D Mammograms Increase Cancer Detection

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania used 3-D Mammography to screen more than 26,000 women, They found that cancer detection rates increased from 3.51 to 5.24 per 1,000 women.


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A New Way To Look At Heart Disease And Its Treatment

One of the most widely prescribed and effective drugs in the war against heart disease is about to become even more popular, because of new recommendations by the nation’s cardiologists.


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New Study Links Internet Exposure And Depression

The rate of suicide among young people is on the rise, and some are concerned the internet could play a part.


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Study: Prolonged Sitting Could Lead To Colon Cancer

According to a report in the American Association For Cancer Research, if you sit a great deal of the day, you have a greater risk of developing colon cancer.


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Some Simple Tips To Have Safer Surgery

A report says there are three things that can lead to better outcomes…


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Several Concerns Still Remain After NFL Concussion Settlement

A major concern, still, is that the NCAA has not picked up many of the same practices of the NFL.


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Chemicals Allegedly Used By Assad On Syrian Civilians Attack Nervous System

Nerve gas breaks down an enzyme that allows nerves to talk back and forth to through each other.


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Making Sure Your Breast Milk Is Safe

Many women choose to breastfeed, and when they do, they often have a very common question: Are medications that I take when I’m breastfeeding safe for the baby?





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