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Overweight Men At Higher Risk For Liver Disease, Study FindsAccording to a Swedish study, young men who were overweight or obese had a higher risk of developing severe liver disease or liver cancer later in life.
The Importance Of A Healthy BreakfastAccording to just about every major study, breakfast is the most important meal the day.
Many Heart Attacks Involve Symptoms Not Easy To Detect, Researchers FindAccording to the North Carolina researchers, up to 40% of heart attacks involve symptoms that are not so simple to detect.
How To Slow Loss Of Muscle Mass As We AgeOver time, we can lose muscle mass in places like our arms, shoulders, and legs. It’s a natural part of the aging process. So how do you prevent it—or at least slow it down?
It's Okay To Enjoy A Short-Term SplurgeThere are dozens of studies which support the fact that short-term splurges are not the things that lead to weight problems and chronic elevations in cholesterol and triglyceride.
Treating Somatoform DisorderIt is a problem where people have excessive health anxiety. They’re preoccupied with their health and potential problems. The condition is called somatoform disorder.
Mid-Afternoon Nap Could Be Good For Your HealthAccording to a landmark study which focused on over 26,000 Greek men who were followed for six years, a mid-day nap reduces risks for fatal heart problems.
Decreasing Alcohol-Related Highway FatalitiesIf you want to decrease the number of highway deaths for teens and young adults there needs to be stricter control of alcohol use and abuse.
The Health Benefits Of Mediterranean DietAccording to a major study conducted in Spain, a Mediterranean diet rich in virgin olive oil improved high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol function in all people — especially those with high-cardiovascular risk.
How To Keep A Healthy HeartWhen most people think about Valentine's Day, they think about hearts.
The Fight Against AlzheimersThe biggest barrier is trying to find a specific cause of alzheimers.
The Answer To An 'Age-Old' QuestionThe search for the Fountain of Youth is the subject of numerous books and articles. Today the search continues, but not on a boat or a safari.

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