Smoking Habits And Proximity To Stores That Sell TobaccoLiving in close proximity to retail establishments that sell tobacco products appears to make it harder for smokers to kick the habit.
Dreams Don’t Just Impact You In Your SleepMany people believe that hidden truths present themselves in dreams.
Heart Disease Risk Lower As Parents Get OlderGood news for you if you have healthy parents — at least when it comes to heart disease.
The Pros And Cons Of AspirinSo how good is aspirin in the prevention of heart disease.
The Key To Diagnosing And Treating DepressionDepression is known as a strong predictor of poor adherence to many medications.
How Philly's Soda Tax Combats Rising Rates Of DiabetesThe cost of treating diabetes is rising, and quickly.
The Problem With Western Medicine In Foreign CountriesScientists in India are saying they have a problem with the United States and other western pharmaceutical companies.
Study Links Staying Active To Improved Memory In AdultsOne of the biggest concerns for people as they get older is whether they will develop memory problems or not.
New Reports Says Swaddling Your Infant Can Increase Risk Of SIDSAt first glance, a report in the Journal Pediatrics is disturbing: swaddling your baby could be associated with an increased risk for SIDS.
The Benefits Of Having A Fitness Tracking DeviceExercise tracking devices make it easy to log daily physical activity and behavior and see your performance over a period of time.
Study Links Standing Classroom Desks To Weight Loss In ChildrenSeveral major studies have found that students spend more than half the school day sitting.
Reports Says Gov't Programs Can Help Families Eat HealthierResearchers say a food program could actually be a tool to help people become healthier.

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