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Dog Training

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Don’t Feed The Begging Dog

Feeding your dog at the table, even on occasion, is positively rewarding negative behavior. Don’t do it.


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Safe Use – And Abuse – Of Dog Crates

A crate can be a safe, comfortable place for your dog to retreat but it should never be used as a punishment.


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Many Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Dogs

Massage therapy is not just for people. It’s a great way to keep your companion animals healthy and well-balanced as well.


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Playtime With Your Dog

Your dog’s body language conveys so much information. It’s up to us to learn to read the signals. One of those messages is simply a call to playtime.


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Pavlov Dog Monitor

Can’t be home to reinforce your dog training? The Pavlov Dog Monitor lets you continue that training even when you’re not home – well, in theory.



Playing Tug-Of-War With Your Dog

Before playing a game of tug-of-war with your dog, there a few things you should know.


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Consistency In Training The Family Pet

Your dog is eager to learn and to please you, so help your dog to succeed by staying consistent and having everyone in the household cooperate as well.


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Overexcitability In Canines

Being social creatures like humans, dogs love interacting with both people and other animals. But overexcitement is another thing altogether and should be avoided, especially when playing with unfamiliar dogs.


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Training From Your Dog’s Perspective

Positive reinforcement, which is rewarding good behavior with either a treat, praise or affection or a combination of each is the most effective approach for training dogs.


Service Dog Magee

Giving Your Dog A Purpose

Dogs, like all creatures, need a purpose. We can actually fulfill that need by simply providing tasks for your dog on a daily basis.


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Canine Agility Training

Canine Agility competitions have become increasingly popular. But even without the competition, a small agility course in the backyard can greatly help a dog of any size or breed to expend excess energy.


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Training Your Senior Dog

It’s never too late to start to train your dog. Even a senior dog can learn something new; just make sure never to stress an older dog.


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Living In A Multi-Dog Household

Having two or more dogs in your home doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can sometimes make life easier since the dogs can actually keep each other company.


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Small Dog Syndrome

Small Dog Syndrome is a situation which occurs when a small dog exhibits negative behavioral tendencies including aggressive and/or territorial behavior.


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Preparing Your Dog For Vet Visits

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to take your dog for a visit to the veterinarian’s office. Here are some suggestions that might help.