Helpful Puppy FactsIf you’re adopting a puppy, here are a few helpful facts to know.
Treating Your Dog's Cracked Paw PadsCracked paw pads can be a relatively common problem for dogs but it's not one that should be ignored.
Encouraging Your Dog To Eat More SlowlyThe proper rate of ingestion is so important for your dog’s overall well-being. Eating slower greatly helps to improve digestion and nutrient absorption.
When Dogs Eat Too FastDogs love to eat. But if your pooch is a rapid and voracious eater and gobbles down food in record time, you need to help him/her slow down for the sake of your dog’s health.
Is Your Dog Eating Dirt?There are a number of reasons for a dog to eat dirt. Some - but not all - may be indicative of a serious health issue.
Eating Slower Prevents Health ProblemsIf your pets - dogs or cats - eat too quickly, it can be extremely dangerous to their health.

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