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Dog Owner Liable For Dog’s Biting

In most states, a dog’s owner is legally liable to a victim who was bitten even if the dog had never bitten anyone in the past.


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Dog Bite Liability

With the number of dog bites estimated at more than 4.5 million a year, who is responsible if your dog bites someone?


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Philadelphia Ranks High For Dog Attacks Nationwide

The USPS information was released in advance of National Dog Bite Awareness Week, which runs from May 19 – 25.


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Legal Responsibility Of Pet Owners

If you’re a pet owner, you need to know what your legal responsibility is to those who get bitten.


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Know Your Rights If You Get Bit Or Your Dog Bites

Spring is here and for many in the Delaware Valley that means getting out and walking around the neighborhood. And dog owners are equally excited to let their pooches go romp outdoors.


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Dog Bites In Pennsylvania Among The Highest In The Country

National Dog Bite Safety Week is wrapping up, but one local official says everyone can take precautions to make sure they don’t wind up included in next year’s statistics.