Give Your Dog A Task Each DayAll dogs, regardless of age, size or breed, have an instinctive need to fulfill a daily task.
Why Dogs DigYour dog is never doing this out of spite or anger. It is, in many breeds, an instinctive behavior but often it’s due to a need not being met.
Dogs Naturally Imitate One AnotherAllelomimetic behavior in canines is an imitative behavior that can begin as young as 5 weeks old.
Caged Dogs May Display 'Barrier Aggression'Barrier Aggression is a type of canine aggressive behavior in which a dog feels trapped or threatened in an enclosed area.
Mother Your PetsMothers truly do know best. And it’s true in the animal world as well.
Treating Neophobia In DogsIn animal behavior, neophobia refers to the tendency of an animal to be frightened by anything new.
Training Your Dog Is Good For Both Of YouTraining your dog is truly worth the time spent.
Why Dogs Kick Up DirtAs a canine behaviorist, I’ve been asked many times 'Why does my dog kick up so much dirt especially, after soiling?'
Why Dogs Eat GrassIt seems that every dog consumes a bit of grass now and then without posing an issue but when it becomes excessive, it’s time to take notice.
Training From Your Dog's PerspectiveIf you want to modify or recondition a dog’s behavior, you need to consider the behavior from the dog's perspective.
Dogs Can Be Trained To Overcome Separation AnxietySeparation anxiety is one of the most common of canine behavioral problems. Usually, it can be fixed without professional help.
Dog Training Sets BoundariesDogs look to us to learn everyday. They are one species that inherently looks to the human for guidance and direction. If you own a dog, set boundaries.

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