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DNA Testing

(Credit: Brad Segall)

Bensalem Police Dept. Expanding Its DNA Testing, Cataloguing Facility

Bensalem public safety director Fred Harran says the BodeHITS Rapid DNA Initiative will take DNA testing to the next level.


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Students At West Chester Get Unexpected Results In DNA Tests

America has been called a melting pot or an ethnic stew but that often refers to masses of people. DNA testing can show it applies on the individual level as well.


(Members of the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee, at today's hearing.  Photo by Lynne Adkins)

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Consider Requiring DNA Samples At Time Of Arrests

Members of Pennsylvania’s state Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing today on a bill that would change when DNA samples can be collected for a police database.


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Pa. Lawmakers Want To Expand Use Of DNA Testing

A key state senator is proposing legislation to expand the use of DNA testing by law enforcement in Pennsylvania.