Smile: It’s Time for Your Divorce Selfie
Divorce & Custody Involving International Law
Country's First Gay Divorce Firm Opens In PhiladelphiaA Philadelphia attorney has opened what he says is the first LGBTQ divorce firm.
Cashed Check Equals SettlementWhen is cashing a check for a billion dollars a mistake? Ask the ex- Mrs. Hamm.
QTIP Clarifies InheritanceIf you have children by someone other than your current spouse, estate law experts suggest something called a QTIP, a Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust.
Emotional Turmoil Takes Its TollA marriage or relationship in emotional turmoil may be as harmful for your health as smoking cigarettes or a poor diet.
Survey: 1 In 7 Have Contemplated Divorce Over Their Partner's Social Media ActivityHave you ever secretly checked your partner's social media accounts? According to a survey, you’re not alone.
Woman Gets Permission To Serve Divorce Papers Via FacebookThe woman’s lawyer says she hasn’t been able to serve the papers the good old fashioned way because the man has no fixed address or place of employment.
Pre-pup Agreements In The Event Of DivorceA new survey out of Britain found one in ten couples has a provision about custody of a pet in a pre-nuptial agreement.
New Jersey Lawmakers May Take Up Issue Of Parents Paying For College TuitionTwo New Jersey lawmakers are weighing new legislation in reaction to a case that has sparked outrage over the role of courts and the rights of divorced parents.
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Children Abducted By Non-Custodial ParentKids often hear about “stranger danger” but statistics show that strangers are NOT the most frequent abductors. This is what you need to know.
When It Comes To Marriage, The Bigger The Ring, The Higher The Risk Of Divorce Diamonds might last forever, but spending a lot on one doesn’t mean your marriage will.