Study: Distracted Driving More Than Triples Risk Of CrashThe company Cambridge Mobile Telematics collected smartphone data from hundreds of thousands of drivers.
New Jersey Cracks Down On Using Cell Phones While DrivingNew Jersey starts a statewide crackdown on distracted driving tomorrow. Consider this story your warning.
AAA: Young Millennials Are Worst Behaved Drivers In U.S.A new report out by AAA reveals that young millennials earn the top spot for worst behaved drivers in the country.
Law Enforcement Cracking Down On Distracted Driving In Montgomery County“Police have even witnessed people changing clothes, brushing their teeth, and reading a book.”
Survey: Parents Causing Distractions For Teen DriversA new survey finds that parents are creating distractions when their teens are driving.
Officials Aim To Put Brakes On Distracted Driving In PennsylvaniaApril is Distracted Driving Awareness Month -- and drawing attention to the dangerous behavior is apparently needed, especially in the Philadelphia region.
Survey: Motorists Doing More Than Texting While DrivingA new survey finds motorists are checking social media, surfing the web and video chatting while behind the wheel.
Roman Catholic H.S. Students Get Eye-Opening Lesson on Dangers of Distracted Driving"We've been telling students to just either silence their phones, turn it off, or give it to the person in the car with you," one student leader advises.
Study: Women And Young Adults More Likely To Use Their Cell Phones While DrivingWhat’s more, the study claims texting while driving actually increased 2 percent from 2011 to 2013.
Study: Distracted Driving Among Teens At All-time HighThe study also revealed that while most teens understand the risks of texting while driving, they are less aware of other distractions, like eating and drinking in the car.
New Safe Driving Program for Philadelphia Schools Gets Thumbs-Up From StudentsThe production is called Cinema Drive. It uses 3D video and interactive questions to teach teens the dangers they will face behind the wheel.
Think Using That Hands Free System In The Car Is Safe? Think Again.A big cause of that distraction, according to research from the AAA foundation for traffic safety, is imperfect voice recognition systems.

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