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Some States Still Allow Corporal Punishment In Schools

Parents in Tennessee have sued their child’s school because they claim the school’s principal excessively paddled their then kindergarten-age son.


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Study: ‘Harsh Verbal Discipline’ May Be As Harmful To Teenager’s Well-being As Physical Punishment

You might want to think twice the next time you’re ready to scream at your defiant teen.


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Spanking May Lead To Aggression

Are children who are spanked when they misbehave more likely to be anxious and aggressive than children who are disciplined in non-physical ways? Here is what we know.


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Penn Class Teaches Students How To Live Like Monks

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Looking for a wild-and-crazy time at college? Don’t sign up for Justin McDaniel’s religious studies class. The associate professor’s course on monastic life and asceticism gives students at the University of Pennsylvania […]



Expert Says South Philadelphia High School Is Too Tough On Students

An expert says South Philadelphia High School is being too tough on students who don’t wear the school uniform to class. The principal disagrees.