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Philadelphia Scientists Discover New, Supermassive Dinosaur ‘Dreadnoughtus’

Scientists in Philadelphia unveiled details about a new dinosaur species. It’s believed to be among the largest land animals that ever lived.


Timshel Purdum demonstrates the Academy of Natural Sciences' website for children on the autism spectrum. (Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Academy Of Natural Sciences Launches Effort To Be More Welcoming To Autistic Children

The Academy of Natural Sciences has launched an effort to make museum visits more welcoming to children with autism.


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Ultimate Dinopedia

Ultimate Dinopedia is a dinosaur reference app that features over 700 of the creatures, with the latest paleontologist discoveries as well as pictures and video.


(A sample of Laccognathus embryi.  Credit: Academy of Natural Sciences)

Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences Announces Discovery of an ‘In-Between’ Fish

“Laccognathus is a large fish, five to six feet in length. Flat head, very small eyes, very big mouth, very big teeth,” says Dr. Ted Daeschler of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.


The skull of Daemonosaurus chauliodus, narrow and relatively deep, measuring 5.5 inches long from the tip of its snout to the back of the skull and has proportionately large eye sockets. (AP Photo/Carnegie Museum of Natural History)

New Dinosaur Species Discovered At State Museum In Harrisburg

It’s named Daemonosaurus, a smallish dinosaur, only about four to five feet long, from the Late Triassic period some 220 million years ago.