Digital Photos

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Hykoo App

You may be familiar with the poetry version of Haiku – three or five line stanzas that tell a short story. Now there’s Hykoo, the app, only this one focuses on your photos.


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Office Lens App

Office Lens lets you import pictures for use in documents – also make the images editable in Word or Excel.


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Dig Duck App

DigDuck lets you send photo messages to friends, letting you pixel out elements to spark their curiosity.



Disposable Camera App

Digital photos are convenient, but they take away some of the fun of photography. The Disposable Camera app brings that back.


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Screeny App

Screeny is an app that digs through all of your photos searching for screenshots, letting you decide whether to keep or expunge them.


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Fotobom App

The Fotobom app lets you easily remove photo backgrounds and transplant subjects into new shots.


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Layout From Instagram App

Layout from Instagram lets you easily create remixes of photos, laying multiple ones out on a single page.


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Infinit App

The Infinit app lets you send photos, videos and more – of any size – in full resolution.


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ACDSee App

This app combines your camera with a photo editor and collage maker, letting you optimize your shots before you share them.



Snapchat App

You may know Snapchat commonly used as a sexting app. They’ve added a few new features, though, that you should also be aware of.


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Understanding Photography Basics App

Learn about everything from ISO to exposure compensation in a clear and concise language anyone can understand.


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AllCast App

The Allcast app lets you send photos, music and videos to pretty much any streaming device out there.



Odysee App

The Odysee app uploads your photos and videos to a personal cloud, freeing up space on your phone.


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Cleen App

The Cleen app – as you might expect – helps to clean up your photo library, freeing up memory and eliminating bloat on your phone.


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Getty Images Stream App

Getty Images Streams lets you browse their extensive catalog of images – and download and save ones that are applicable to what you’re working on.