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Doctor Writes Book On ‘Diabesity’

More and more of us are being diagnosed as obese or with diabetes, and a new book argues they are on the same spectrum of disease.


(Credit: Square 1682)

Healthy Cocktails? Square 1682 Raises The Bar, And It’s Not Simple

Square 1682 is known for running one of the greenest operations in the city, so it only made sense that Chef Guillermo Tellez and his bar staff expand on the ever-growing movement for healthier menu options by adding more of them to the bar menu, too.



Comcast Partners With UnitedHealth In Diabetes Study

“Project Not Me” is the name of a 12 month study that is aimed at helping those who are at risk for type-2 diabetes. More than 300 adults are being sought for the pilot program in two test markets including one in Philadelphia.


Bathroom Scale. (AP)

Could Your Doctor’s Weight Be Affecting Yours?

Big surprise, if your doctor could stand to lose a few pounds chances are he won’t tell you to.


3-On Your Side: Diabetic Supply Scam

They’re being pressured to accept medical supplies that in many cases they don’t want or even need! 3 On Your Side has a warning for seniors and their families.


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The Skinny On Bariatric Surgery

Following bariatric surgery, weight loss alone is not the only risk for cardiovascular disease. A healthy diet is crucial.


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An Increase In Type 2 Diabetes

The rise in Type 2 diabetes is concerning because if it is not controlled it can cause long term damage of the blood vessels, the eyes and the kidneys.


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Drinking May Increase Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome

Now a report in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism finds that people who drink too much have increased odds of developing metabolic syndrome.


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Night Shift May Increase Womens’ Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

A new study finds that, in women, there is an association between rotating night shift work and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.



Study Finds Link Between Diabetes, Obesity And Breast Cancer

According to a new study of over 1.5-million people living in southwestern Sweden, people who have diabetes or are obese are at greater risks of developing breast cancer.


pump it up for diabetes

Brotherly Love: Pump It Up For Diabetes

A group of West Chester teens are making a difference by helping to raise money to cure diabetes.


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Obesity Increases Cancer Risk

The more weight you carry on your body, the greater the odds of developing cancer.



Health: Dental Exams May Do More Than Keep Your Teeth Clean

Getting a dental check-up can do more than keep your teeth and mouth healthy.


sleep deprived

CHOP Doctors Identify Link Between Sleep And Diabetes In Obese Teenagers

Doctors say it’s as simple as following time-honored advice: get a good night’s sleep.


A sign posted to a light pole offers cash for blood sugar testing strips. (Credit: Paul Gluck)

‘Gray Market’ For Blood Sugar Test Strips Popping Up In North Philadelphia

The strips, which measure blood glucose levels, can cost as much as a dollar apiece but insurance reduces that amount. The “cash for strips” business buys extra strips at that reduced rate and resells them for a profit.





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