Derrick Pitts

(Franklin Institute chief astronomer Derrick Pitts.  Photo by John McDevitt)

Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute Sends Memento Aboard Final Space Shuttle Flight

You’ll be able to see the space shuttle over Philadelphia between four and seven times each day, according to Franklin Institute’s chief astronomer, Derrick Pitts.


solar flare

Franklin Institute’s Chief Astronomer Speaks On Negative Impact Of Solar Flares

The Franklin Institute’s chief astronomer, Derrick Pitts, says the most common effect of solar flares is brighter Northern Lights but they can have some negative effects too.


Make Sure To Take A Peek At The Full Moon

If you’re outside this evening, take a look at the night sky.



Despite Internet Buzz of 13th Zodiac Sign, Expert Says It’s Old Hat

When a Minneapolis astronomer pointed out to the public something that has been know to both astronomers and astrologists for a very long time, it nevertheless caused an Internet sensation.


(File photo: a lunar eclipse nears totality.)

Total Lunar Eclipse Hits During Winter Solstice

Early Tuesday morning, you’ll be able to ring in the arrival of winter with a rare sky show.


Clouds May Obstruct Views of Perseid Meteor Shower

Attention star gazers: The Perseid meteor showers peak on Thursday night.


Mechanics of Oil Spill on Display at Franklin Institute

The Gulf oil spill seems to be fading in the rearview mirror, except in the atrium of the Franklin Institute.