Signs That You May Be Suffering From Anxiety Or DepressionThere are numerous mental health issues that we deal with in medicine but two of the most common are from anxiety and depression.
Study Finds There's No Such Thing As Winter BluesResearchers say a large-scale survey of U.S. adults provided no evidence that levels of depressive symptoms vary from season to season.
Alternative Depression Therapy Available With No Side EffectsThe holiday season can be a difficult time for people suffering with depression. It's an issue that millions of families deal with at some point. Medications and therapy are helpful for many, but they don’t always work. Now there’s a different kind of therapy, with no side effects.
Don't Let Underactive Thyroid Go UntreatedHypothyroidism – or an underactive thyroid gland - is a relatively common problem. First, get checked for it. Then, if you have it, get treated.
Trauma Often Causes Acute Stress DisorderAcute stress disorder often occurs in patients after witnessing, hearing about or being directly exposed to a traumatic event.
Mental Health Screening Kiosk Opens Outside Of Drexel University Rec CenterThe mental health screening is anonymous. You walk up to the kiosk, and there are a bunch of yes-or-no questions on various topics including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
Study: Ongoing Symptoms Of Depression And A Person's Risk Of Stroke Are LinkedWhat scientists found is that “persistently high depressive symptoms were associated with increased stroke risk,” even in those whose symptoms had abated between interviews.
Fathers' Depression Effects Toddlers' BehaviorA new study finds the young children of fathers who were depressed in their first year were more likely to show negative behaviors.
Study: Want To Focus Less On The Negative? Take ProbioticsIf you sometimes feel you focus too much energy on obsessing over past slights or regrets, you might want to add probiotics to your diet.
No Surprise Here: Too Much Time On Facebook Can Lead To Feeling DepressedResearchers noted, however, that the findings do not indicate that Facebook actually causes depression.
Poor Self Image May Lead To Poorer SelfWhat we think about ourselves can have a big impact on our overall health. But there is help.
Can Marijuana Help With Depression? New Research Looks PromisingThe research, which was done by the University of Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions (RIA), used animal models to look at the effects of the components in marijuana and is still in the early stages.

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