Delaware Valley Healthcare Council

Tom Corbett (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Study: Medicaid Expansion Could Improve Pennsylvania’s Economic Health

The Pennsylvania Hospital Association is trying to persuade Governor Corbett to expand Medicaid in the state with an argument they hope will appeal to him, the economic development advantages of the program.



Report: Hospital Infections Down Significantly

The report says that, out of some two-million patients admitted to hospitals in Pennsylvania, 1.1 percent got infections in 2010. That was nearly 6 percent lower than the infection rate in 2009.


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Study: More Uninsured People Using Emergency Rooms For Basic Care

Hospitals in the Philadelphia area are reporting an increase in the number of people seeking medical care in emergency rooms, a sign that there are more uninsured people using E.R.’s for basic care.


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Report Card For Area Hospitals Shows Some Growth, Future Losses

Hospitals expect to see losses due in part to cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.