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Sen. Bob Casey Says Additional Federal Funds Being Allocated to Delaware River Dredging Project"When you total up what's in the budget already and what's in the work plan, it's 97.5 million dollars," Casey notes. "That keeps the project on target."
VP Biden Visits Philadelphia To Check Progress of Delaware River Dredging Project"It cuts us out of a whole lot of commerce -- cuts us out of a whole lot of good jobs if they cannot come up the Delaware River," Biden said of the shipping channel's current depth.
Federal Appeals Court Ruling Allows Dredging Of Delaware River To ContinueA federal appeals court ruling helped keep the Army Corps of Engineers on schedule for the next phase of dredging of the Delaware River to deepen the channel so larger ships can navigate it to Camden and Philadelphia ports.
Congress Approves $17M For Next Phase of Delaware River DredgingThe US Army Corps of Engineers is expecting to get its orders shortly to continue deepening the shipping channel on the river from 40 to 45 feet. This phase of the work will begin just north of Wilmington.
US Officials Say Status of Atlantic Sturgeon Won't Hamper Delaware River DredgingThe US Army Corps of Engineers says the Delaware River dredging project will not be slowed or cost more even if federal authorities decide to declare the Atlantic sturgeon an endangered species.
Corbett Says He's Working on Dredging, Refinery Jobs in Philadelphia AreaGovernor Tom Corbett says he’s working to preserve and create jobs on two major fronts in the Philadelphia region.
New Jersey Files For Federal Appeal Of Delaware River DredgingNew Jersey has taken its fight over dredging the Delaware River to a federal appeals court in Philadelphia.
Philly-Area US Lawmakers Pledge Efforts For River DeepeningThe Philadelphia area's congressional delegation is trying to make sure a project to deepen the Delaware River stays on track.

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