A Diet For DiarrheaCertain foods make diarrhea worse and certain foods can help with the problem. Here are some tips.
Many Cases Of Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease Reported This Time Of YearIt starts with a fever, poor appetite and sore throat and in a few days painful sores develop in the mouth.
Seek Doctor's Attention For SyncopeSyncope is the short term and abrupt loss of consciousness with complete return to normal. It's not uncommon but could be the sign of a serious health issue.
Drinking Water Is Critical To Good HealthI should probably talk about it more often because it is so important but the simple fact is that when it comes to good health there are few things more important than drinking water.
Tips For Curing A HangoverSo what can you do if you do drink too much alcohol? One of the best things is to get some rest.
Keeping Cool With Your CanineHere are a few tips to keep cool with your canine in the dog days of summer.
Heat Wave Complacency Can Be Very DangerousWhen one heat wave is followed by another, sometimes we let our guard down and forget to take the same precautions that kept us save from the start of summer.
More Kidney Stones In Warmer ClimatesDid you know that kidney stones are more common when people are dehydrated? This is why we see more kidney stones in the summer or when people are on long flights and don’t drink water.
Muscle SpasmsA muscle spasm is a painful, involuntary movement or contraction of a muscle -- but do you know why it happens?
The Many Benefits Of Drinking WaterDrink water. Some of the most effective diets, diets that actually work, stress the role of drinking plenty of water and it is an excellent substitute - and a refreshing one - for juice and soda.
Hangover Helpers In Time For The New YearIf you wake up on New Year’s Day with a hangover, here are a few ‘hangover helpers.’

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