Defend Your Ride

“I believe everyone should sing while driving.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Melissa in Manayunk

“I feel confident in a truly reliable car.” – Melissa and Honda Civic


“It’s great having a car that is fun to drive, but still practical.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Keith At The Singing Fountain

“My goal is the fastest lap time to IKEA and back.” – Keith and his Volkswagen GTI


“Driving just is not the same anymore. It’s too stressful.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Steve In Souderton

“This is exactly what I needed for my commute to work.” – Steve and his Kia Optima


“I don’t spend much time in the car except on hockey game days.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sarah at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

“It’s got at least 100,000 miles more to go!” – Sarah and her Subaru Impreza 2.5 Hatchback Premium Edition


“While the inside is pretty clean, the outside typically never is.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Victoria By The Piazza At Schmidt’s

“The all-wheel drive, style and durability are exactly what I want.” – Victoria and her Subaru impreza


"I actually went to Drexel, but this is a convenient spot to meet."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kieran At St. Joseph’s University

“I have no plans on ever giving this car up.” – Kieran with his Ford Mustang GT


"I do know I tend to have a heavy foot on the open road."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Brandon On South Street

“I go out and play.” – Brandon and his Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart


“You can change the radio station, but only if you ask me first.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Paula Jayne In Broomall

“I bought the car for myself to celebrate accepting a new job.” – Paula Jayne and her VW Eos Convertible


"I love to rock out to music while I'm driving alone!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Stephanie At Penn’s Landing

“When I graduated from college, I needed a more ‘mature/adult’ vehicle.” – Stephanie and her Jeep Cherokee.


“My favorite trip is heading down to the Jersey Shore.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Steph At 30th Street Station

“I’m a Jersey driver at heart. We use our turn signal.” – Steph and her Honda Civic


"We use it mostly to get to our many music commitments.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Peter And Elise At North Star Bar

“It’s just the right amount of room.” – Peter and Elise’s Toyota Matrix


“Since it’s still pretty new, we haven’t taken it out on the open road.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Marcos At The Valley Green Inn

“I bought the car as a commuter car, but it has become a family car.” – Marcos and his Ford Escape


"Charlie is sturdy and reliable."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Lisa At Logan Circle

“He carries my boys, the dogs, comfortably and makes me feel safe.” – Lisa and her Mercury Mariner


“My car is a Special Edition tC, one of 2,600 made. It’s number 1,686.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Laura At The Naval Yard

“It would’ve been crazy to drive from Dallas to Philadelphia, but I had it shipped on a car transporter.” – Laura and her Scion tC


“The brilliant thing about scooters is that they can go on almost forever.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jenn At The Race Street Pier

“Sometimes I let cool people ride on the back.” – Jenn and her KYMCO Sento 50 Scooter