Decision 2012


Decision 2012: Round One – Romney

by Rick Grimaldi – 10/04/12 – Mitt Romney must hammer the facts. The President is vulnerable on the issue of the economy. He can be beaten if and only if Romney puts him on the […]


(Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, speaking at state Democratic Party headquarters in Philadelphia.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Obama Surrogates Pummel Romney During His Visit to Philadelphia

While Mitt Romney makes his case to Republican supporters here in Philadelphia, area Democratic leaders are also making their voices heard.


(File photos.  Obama: Saul Loeb/ AFP/ Getty Images.  Romney: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

New Poll Shows Obama Strengthening in Three Key States

With Mitt Romney on the defensive, a new trio of state polls shows how serious the challenge might be for him in the coming weeks.


Romney Accepts Party Nomination At The Republican National Convention

Gary R’nel: The Romney Campaign Post Convention

by Gary R’nel – 9/2/12 – Clarity and honesty. I implore Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades and Senior Advisor Eric Fehrnstom to impress upon their candidate that sloganeering is fine but it will take a […]


2012 Republican National Convention: Day 3

Rick Grimaldi: Finally The Convention

by Rick Grimaldi – 8/29/12 – There is nothing worse for an active person than to be house bound which is what I have been for most f this month. On the other hand as […]


Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan Campaigns In Ohio

Michael Smerconish: Decision 2012

It’s still too early to determine whether the selection of Congressman Paul Ryan helps or hurts the Romney ticket. The early polling was mixed. His speech at the upcoming convention will be a critical moment […]


Romney's VP candidate Paul Ryan Campaigns In Denver, Co.

Rick Grimaldi: The Right Choice

by Rick Grimaldi – 8/13/12 – About a month ago I was at a a fundraiser for Representative Jim Gerlach. While there I met a congressman who introduced himself to me as Paul. No last […]


Senator Reid Addresses Mayors Conference

Rich Zeoli: A Disgrace To The US Senate

by Rich Zeoli – 08/03/12 – The United States Senate. A hallowed and revered room where the likes of Kennedy, Clay, Calhoun, and Webster debated the most complex issues of the Republic. From ending the […]


White House hopeful Mitt Romney addresse

Mitt Romney: Just Do It

by Gary R’nel – 07/23/12 – Mitt, you should give Nike’s slogan serious consideration. Just Do It. Release more than two years of your tax returns. The calling for transparency comes not only from Democrats […]


(Sarah Palin speaks at a Tea Party rally on July 14th in Belleville, Mich.  Credit: Bill Pugliano/ Getty Images)

As Romney Campaigns in Pennsylvania, Palin Reportedly Fumes

The Romney campaign will not comment on a Newsweek report that Sarah Palin will not be invited to speak at the GOP convention in Tampa.


Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Constitutionality Of Health Care Law

Chris Stigall: Re-Born On The Fourth Of July

by Chris Stigall – 07/02/12 – What are you feeling about last week’s Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare? Dispirited? Mad? Maybe even frightened? Me too. But I’ve been mulling this over a lot since Thursday. […]


Supreme Court Upholds Obama's Affordable Care Act

Decision 2012: Dom Giordano

by Dom Giordano – 07-02-12 – What happens to many conservative Supreme Court justices but not to their liberal counterparts? They get worn down by Washington and wanting to be loved or respected they move […]


Supreme Court Upholds Obama's Affordable Care Act

Decision 2012: Michael Smerconish

by Michael Smerconish – 06/28/12 – The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare came as quite a shock to many. Whereas the legal community was split as to whether the individual mandate would be upheld before […]


US President Barack Obama speaks with US

Rick Grimaldi: The Immigration Gambit

The President continues to use the pulpit of the Presidency to assist his re-election effort. He has the right as the incumbent to do this. Nonetheless, the more he doubles down on issues such as […]


Mitt Romney Campaigns At Local Business In Las Vegas

Michael Smerconish: Decision 2012

by Michael Smerconish – 6/5/12 – First it was Newark Mayor Corey Booker, then Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, and finally the big dog himself, former President Bill Clinton, all of whom seemed to step on […]