David Matusiewicz

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Del. Court Shooter’s Son Pleads Not Guilty

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — A former Delaware optometrist whose ex-wife was killed by his father at a Delaware courthouse has pleaded not guilty to federal conspiracy and stalking charges. David Matusiewicz entered the plea Tuesday […]


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Son Of Delaware Courthouse Gunman Remains In Custody

A former Delaware optometrist will remain in custody pending a detention hearing on charges that he conspired with his family over several years to torment and stalk his ex-wife following a bitter divorce and custody battle that culminated in her death in a courthouse shooting.



Feds Indict 3 Relatives Of Delaware Courthouse Gunman

Federal prosecutors are filing stalking charges against three relatives of a gunman who killed two women at a Delaware courthouse before taking his own life.


Courthouse Shooting 4

Lawyers Seek To Sell Home Of Del. Shooting Victim

Attorneys are seeking permission from a Delaware judge to sell the home of a woman killed in a February courthouse shooting.


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DNA Sample Taken From Son Of Delaware Courthouse Shooter

Investigators have taken a DNA sample from a man whose father killed two women at a Delaware courthouse before taking his own life.


(2009 file photo)

Son Of Delaware Courthouse Shooter Sent Back To Prison

A federal judge has revoked the probation of a man whose father killed two people at a Delaware courthouse before taking his own life, sentencing the son to six months in prison.


(2009 file photo)

Son of Wilmington Courthouse Gunman Waives His Own Bail Hearing

David Matusiewicz was taken into federal custody on probation violations shortly after his ex-wife and her friend were gunned down by his father.



Son Of Wilmington Courthouse Gunman Expected In Court Today

The charges against David Matusiewicz are prosaic — suspected of being in Maryland when he said he was in New Jersey — but authorities are investigating his role in the murder of his ex-wife Christine Belford and her friend Laura Mulford, shot by his father Thomas Matusiewicz.



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