Dana Redd

(Photo by Mark Abrams)

Camden Mayor Relieved Gov. Christie Will Allow ‘Transitional’ State Aid To Flow

Camden’s mayor is expressing relief over a reversal by Gov. Chris Christie after he initially canceled the state’s transitional aid program to distressed communities.


Camden Mayor Dana Redd (Credit: David Madden)

City Of Camden Sets Up Fund For Families Displaced By Two Fires

Camden Mayor Dana Redd has pledged housing assistance for those without a home right now


(Photos by Michelle Durham)

Cleanup, Probe Continue At Scene Of Camden’s Second Major Fire in 4 Days

The investigation and clean-up continues in Camden, where the second major fire in a week took place on Saturday.


Mayor Dana Redd (right) hopes selling rehabbed homes will be the economic boost Camden desperately needs (credit: KYW's David Madden)

Camden Begins Rehab Project For Abandoned Homes To Generate Tax Income

Officials are moving to take over hundreds of abandoned properties across the city, hoping to turn them into occupied and taxable homes. The effort started in the city’s Cramer Hill section.


(A Camden police car may soon be a thing of the past when the county takes over policing duties.  File photo from CBS3)

Camden Temporarily Brings Back Some Police, Firefighters

Camden Mayor Dana Redd said Thursday that she’ll rehire 50 of the police officers and 15 firefighters laid off earlier this year amid a budget crisis in the city, which has seen a spike in crime.



Residents Meet To Voice Opposition Of Tax Increase In Camden

A meeting held in Camden Tuesday evening provided a forum for residents who opposed a proposed tax increase that, if approved, could bring back some laid off public employees.


(A Camden police car may soon be a thing of the past when the county takes over policing duties.  File photo from CBS3)

Camden City Council Considering Mayor’s Proposed Property Tax Hike

Camden City Council opted last night not to act on a budget proposal from Mayor Dana Redd that would immediately increase real estate taxes by 23 percent.



New Jersey Approves Big Property Tax Hike In Camden

The state’s Local Finance Board agreed Friday to lift the city’s cap on property-tax increases. That means the hike, which could raise $4.2 million, would take effect once the City Council approves the municipal budget.


(Camden Mayor Dana Redd.  Photo by David Madden)

Camden Mayor Holds Out Hope For Layoff Reversals

Mayor Redd says up to 100 of the 168 police officers let go could be brought back if their union weren’t protecting its own interests.


Camden Falls (But Not Far) In Annual Crime Report

The good news is that Camden is no longer #1 on the list. The bad news is that it is now #2.


Camden Police

Massive Layoffs Loom For Camden Police, Firefighters

Massive layoffs could become reality for the Camden Police force that hired 450 new recruits just nine months ago.


Camden County To Take Over City Libraries

The mayor of Camden, NJ has announced a plan to prevent the city libraries from closing, by folding them into the Camden County library system.


Plan Afoot to Keep Camden's Libraries Open

The public libraries in Camden, NJ may not be closing after all.  Camden mayor Dana Redd is announcing a rescue plan that will keep Camden’s public libraries open.