(credit: Phran Novelli)

Leave Bulb Leaves

You definitely don’t want to cut off tulip or daffodil leaves as they turn from green to brown.


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5 Spring Bulbs To Plant In Your Garden Now

Most planting is done earlier, but you can still find lots of hearty bulbs that are perfect for planting in the spring.


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Easter Plants May Thrive Beyond Easter

What to do with Easter plants? Try planting them!


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Signs Of Spring Starting To Sprout

There’s hope. Here come the bulbs! The tiny little bulbs with drooped white heads called ‘Snowdrops’ are starting to appear in some in places, if not in your yard yet.


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Behead Bulbs For The Best Blooms

Why should you go around snipping or snapping the tops off your bulbs once the show is over?


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Bulbs Barely Blooming

Spring hasn’t just been short on flowers so far, many bulbs I’ve seen blooming seem stunted – with very short stems! What’s up with that??


(credit: Laszlo Bodo, Winterthur)

You Can Bank On Beauty At Winterthur

It’s called the March Bank at Winterthur, where a succession of bulbs heralds the spring in a dramatically simple way and, this year, it may last into April.


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Poinsettias Past Their Prime Need A Push

Poinsettias won’t leave on their own. You have to show them the door.


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Colder Winter Means A Longer Wait For Spring

In cold winters like this, plants – even early bloomers – just wait a little longer.


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Divide Bulbs Now For Spring

Every fall when I plant new bulbs I find old ones that need dividing – so I accomplish two tasks for the digging of one.


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Let Bulb Leaves Brown

Even after they’ve bloomed, a bulb’s leaves absorb energy from the sun and turn it into food. That’s why you have to let the leaves lie around until they’ve browned.


(Credit: Chris Hartzell)

Garden Safety Tips For Your Pet

Here are some gardening safety tips to keep your dogs and cats healthy.


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Fall-Planted Pansies Bloom Early

Long before you could ever go out and plant annuals in the spring, fall-planted pansies are already in full bloom!


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Don’t Bother Blooming Bulbs

Bulbs are shooting up outside, anything you need to do?


(credit: Phran Novelli)

Planting ‘Forced’ Bulbs May Be A Bright Idea

People will tell you that forced bulbs never flower again but I have seen evidence to the contrary. Why not try?