New Study Pinpoints When You're Most Vulnerable To Cyber CriminalsComputer criminals choose you make their attacks happen. A new study pinpoints the day of the week and even the hour when you're most at risk.
Philadelphia Law Firm Hosts Breakfast To Beat Computer CriminalsA free breakfast seminar this week in Philadelphia is designed to help businesses defend information -- theirs and yours -- from computer criminals.
Home Depot Says Malware Affected 56M Payment Cards The Home Depot estimates that a cyberattack earlier this year affected 56 million unique payment cards.
New Evidence In Bank Cyber AttacksMajor banks are still trying to figure out what hit them in late September when their websites were knocked offline by cyberattacks. There is new evidence that points to a sophisticated strike.
Concern Among Lawmakers As Banks Are Targeted By Cyber AttacksCyberattackers have been playing havoc with bank websites. And while lawmakers are concerned, they haven't been able to agree on what to do about it.
Federal Government Working Harder To Prevent Cyber AttacksThe United States is a prime target for cyber attacks and the federal officials say there are gaping holes in the government's defenses.

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