Customer Service

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Comcast Lays Out Steps To Improve Customer Service

It was just last month when the Nutter administration released results from a study showing more than a quarter of all Comcast customers in Philadelphia are dissatisfied with the cable and Internet provider.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Jobs In Customer Service Expected To Grow

CBS News Analyst Jill Schlesinger reports that jobs in customer service are expected to grow:


Lawsuits Arise Out Of Customer Review Websites

If you’d like to share negative thoughts about a restaurant experience or contractor, there are many opportunities to post customer reviews online, but prepare to be sued.


Customer Service

3-On Your Side: Survey Shows Most Get Poor Customer Service

Nearly every consumer has experienced it at one point or another, but it seems Americans’ patience with poor customer service is wearing thin. 3-On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has some advice on how to get the customer service you want.


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Most times your complaints about bad service just don’t get heard but Gripe can make a difference through social media.


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Using the power of social networks, a site like gripe can generate real momentum in making change and putting power in the hands of the consumer.