Criminal Justice

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Philadelphia Consultant Found Internship Helped With The Transition

Colleagues were not able to gain consulting experience through internships or part-time work during graduate school found the transition to the working world more difficult.


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Criminal Lawyer Says Tolerance Is Important In The Criminal Justice Field In Philadelphia

Basil Beck, a criminal law attorney in the Philadelphia area, says being comfortable dealing with criminals is critical to a having a successful career in criminal justice.


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Study Shows Criminal Records Present Significant Employment Hurdle For Women Of Color

The city and the nation has focused a lot attention on the impact of the criminal justice system on men and boys of color, but a new report shows women of color who have a criminal record have a tough time as well.


Guidelines For A Sentence Of ‘House Arrest’

When does someone get sentenced to house arrest?


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Education Plays A Pivotal Role In All Aspects Of The Criminal Justice System In Philadelphia

Competition is fierce in Philadelphia when it comes to jobs, and a degree in any field will give you an edge up on the competition.


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Trying Children As Adults

In some cases of serious crimes, children as young as ten have been tried as adults.


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Retired Philadelphia Police Officer Gives Advice To A Future Police Officer

After 40 years in the police force, John Maxwell tells us about the types of education that are important for a criminal justice official.


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New Program At Local University Weaves 3 Disciplines In 1

A local university’s program weaves accounting, criminal justice and computer science together.


Camden Police

Rutgers Professor Wayne Fisher Weighs In On The Camden Plan For A County-Wide Police Force

Camden County is in the process of trying to put together a county-wide police force, but an expert says it’s a tough-sell in most areas of the state.