Philadelphia Consultant Found Internship Helped With The TransitionColleagues were not able to gain consulting experience through internships or part-time work during graduate school found the transition to the working world more difficult.
Criminal Lawyer Says Tolerance Is Important In The Criminal Justice Field In PhiladelphiaBasil Beck, a criminal law attorney in the Philadelphia area, says being comfortable dealing with criminals is critical to a having a successful career in criminal justice.
Study Shows Criminal Records Present Significant Employment Hurdle For Women Of ColorThe city and the nation has focused a lot attention on the impact of the criminal justice system on men and boys of color, but a new report shows women of color who have a criminal record have a tough time as well.
Guidelines For A Sentence Of 'House Arrest'When does someone get sentenced to house arrest?
Education Plays A Pivotal Role In All Aspects Of The Criminal Justice System In PhiladelphiaCompetition is fierce in Philadelphia when it comes to jobs, and a degree in any field will give you an edge up on the competition.
Trying Children As Adults In some cases of serious crimes, children as young as ten have been tried as adults.
Retired Philadelphia Police Officer Gives Advice To A Future Police OfficerAfter 40 years in the police force, John Maxwell tells us about the types of education that are important for a criminal justice official.
New Program At Local University Weaves 3 Disciplines In 1A local university’s program weaves accounting, criminal justice and computer science together.
Rutgers Professor Wayne Fisher Weighs In On The Camden Plan For A County-Wide Police ForceCamden County is in the process of trying to put together a county-wide police force, but an expert says it's a tough-sell in most areas of the state.

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