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Christie Talks Crime In Camden As Part Of Pres. CampaignChristie's been trying to contrast his approach on crime by using the experiences here and elsewhere in New Jersey and insisting they could work from coast to coast.
Most Embezzlers Are Middle Aged WomenCourt records indicate 60% of embezzlers are female, and the median age is 50.
Legalizing Marijuana Doesn't Wipe Record CleanIf you had been convicted of a marijuana possession charge in a city or state where its now legal, does the conviction stand?
Pa. Lawmakers Eye More Penalties For Faking Military RecordsPennsylvania state senators are advancing a bill to expand penalties for people who falsely represent their military record for their personal benefit.
Research Finds Gunfire Incidents In Camden, NJ Have Dropped By Nearly 50 PercentAccording to recently released data, the city of Camden, New Jersey showed a 48 percent drop in gunfire incidents from 2013-2014.
Driver's License Photo May Be Subject To Facial Recognition TechnologyMost people don't mind when facial recognition technology searches mug shots, but what about when it's scanning driver's license photos?
Man Dead, Woman Critical After Suspected Murder SuicideAuthorities say a Philadelphia man is dead and a woman injured following an attempted murder-suicide.
When Crime Pays
Murder Rate Drops By More Than 50 Percent In Camden, NJMany residents say the city feels much safer than it did two years ago when there were a record 67 slayings in the city.
Criminal Behavior Linked To LocaleDoes what happens in Vegas really stay in Vegas, or can you face criminal charges when you get home for what you did on your vacation?
Theft By DeceptionIs it theft if you hand your keys to someone who turns out not to be a valet?
Officials Say Crime On The Decline In CamdenCamden County officials have pointed to a marked drop in crime in Camden since the county took over the city’s police department.