Coupon Scams Could Cost You

While manufacturers distribute nearly 330 billion legitimate on line coupons every year, there are several digital coupon scams to know.


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New For 2014: The Best Apps For Holiday Shopping Deals

Use your smartphone to truly maximize your holiday shopping. From coupon finders to shopping lists, these apps have everything you need to get the best savings.


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How To Navigate The Best Deals and Sales This Holiday Season

Don’t get lost in the sea of sales, coupons, flyers and email lists. Take a little time to organize and you can save a bundle this holiday season.


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3 On Your Side: 96 Percent of Millennials Use Coupons

3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan takes a look at what’s making this generation so thrifty.


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3 On Your Side: Best Days To Find Coupons

Are you the type of shopper who’s always looking for a coupon to maximize your savings? Well if you think that coupons are just released at random, 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan says, think again.


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3 On Your Side: Earn Rebates While Shopping Online

3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan tells us about websites that pay you to shop.


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Photopon App

If you’ve ever taken pictures of your food with your phone, it might interest you to know you could turn those into coupons.



Flipp App

Flipp gathers those ads and lets you keep your favorite stores at your fingertips, highlighting the best deals and coupons to help you save money.


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Red Laser App

The RedLaser app lets you compare in-store prices to nearby competitors and online sites, ensuring that you save the most money possible.


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SnipSnap App

With the SnipSnap app, you’ll never worry about forgetting a coupon again.


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Yowza! delivers real-time coupons to your smartphone from retailers that are in your immediate area.


Supermarket Groceries

3 On Your Side: Avoiding Supermarket Traps

You think you’ve heard all of the ways to spend less at the supermarket, but there are ways that go beyond coupons and club cards. Knowing what else to look out for could help you save money.


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Doctors Using Coupon Websites To Attract New Patients

If you don’t have health insurance — or don’t have good coverage — one answer could be a click away.



Black Friday Do’s & Don’ts

Here are some Black Friday Do’s & Don’ts to help you on the biggest shopping day of the year.



3-On Your Side: Coupon Craze Warning

The number of people using coupons has reached an all time high with some people even buying and selling coupons online. But as 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan tells us, there’s now calls for big changes in what’s become an extreme coupon craze.