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Medicare Has Revived Idea Of Paying Doctors For End Of Life Care Plans

A tea party uproar forced the payments out of the Affordable Care Act, but Medicare is proposing them again at the request of the American Medical Association.


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Local Pharmacy Offers New Way To Test If You May Need Mental Health Counseling

You can now get a blood pressure reading and may soon be able to find out if you need mental health counseling as you wait at the local pharmacy.


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Communication May Ease Some Challenges Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a devastating diagnosis, both physically and mentally, but once a woman gets past the initial shock, it can be very easy to overcome it if you get help.


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The Obese Need Help

As more studies are being performed, it is becoming clear that counseling and support could play a crucial role for those struggling with weight issues.


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Blogging As Therapy For Teens

New research finds that when teenagers detail their angst in a blog, the therapeutic value is even better than writing to ‘dear diary’.