Councilman Curtis Jones

(Credit: Steve Tawa)

City Council Holds Hearing On School Bullying

A Philadelphia City Council committee received some startling stats while holding a hearing on bullying and violence in the city’s schools.



Council Not Looking To Drop DROP, But Cut Costs

City Council leaders say they’ll finally schedule a hearing on the controversial DROP pension perk in April but in the meantime they’re looking for ways to keep the program alive, with a smaller price tag.


Councilman Curtis Jones Jr.

City Council Asks If Retail Medical Clinics Favor Suburbs Over City

Philadelphia City Council members say they will continue to watch local retail chains following a hearing which asked why some chains have retail medical clinics in the suburbs but not in city locations.


(credit: KYW's Tony Hanson)

Philadelphia Police To Hold Meeting With Citizens

City Council has now chosen a date in early December for a hearing to discuss the increasingly tense relations between Philadelphia police and residents.


Philadelphia City Council To Hold Hearings On Police Corruption

The vote was unanimous as City Council members agreed to schedule broad-based hearings on police conduct.