Councilman Brian O’Neill

'The Mosquito' installed inside a cage on the side of a building. (Credit: Moving Sound Technologies)

Philadelphia Uses ‘The Mosquito’ To Buzz Away Loitering Teens

When city-run playgrounds and recreation centers want to put up the ‘keep out’ sign during the off-hours, they are turning to an electronic device known as ‘The Mosquito’ to shoo potential young vandals away.


Fire Dept

Councilman Wants Hiring Benefits Extended To Grandchildren Of Fallen Police, Firefighters

A city councilman says grandchildren of fallen Philadelphia police officers and firefighters should get the same civil service hiring preferences that are now given to the children.


(Photo from City of Phila. TV)

Standing In Silence, Philadelphia City Council Honors 2 Fallen Firefighters

City Council paid tribute to the fallen firefighters both with a moment of silence and with resolutions honoring their memory.


(Philadelphia City Hall.  Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

City Council Begins Hearings On Mayor Nutter’s Budget, Today

Today brings the start of two months of Philadelphia City Council hearings on Mayor Nutter’s new budget, and the process could get heated over Nutter’s plan to overhaul property assessments, while bringing in $90-million extra to the Philadelphia School District.


(Philadelphia City Hall.  File photo by Tony Hanson)

Philadelphia’s Zoning Code Overhaul Moves Forward In Council

But the rewrite is by no means a done deal.


(Source: City of Phila. TV)

Councilman Rizzo Quits GOP In Dispute With City Council Leadership

City Council’s GOP leader, Brian O’Neill, last week stripped Rizzo of his post as minority whip, a mostly ceremonial position given that Council has only three GOP members.



Philadelphia City Council Fails To Override Veto of Parking Tax Reductions

When Mayor Nutter vetoed the measure on Thursday, Councilman Jim Kenney found that some of the original 12 “yes” votes had flipped.


(Members of City Council, in their City Hall caucus room.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Philadelphia City Council Nears Accord On New District Boundaries

The issue is “redistricting” — the mandate that every ten years City Council redraw its boundaries to reflect population shifts.



Philadelphia City Council Approves 3.85-Percent Property Tax Hike; Mayor Vetoes DROP

Proceeds from that property tax bump — combined with a meter rate increase for street parking and some city surplus funds — will give the school district an extra $53 million.


(Photos by John Ostapkovich)

Hundreds Rally In Philadelphia To Oppose Nutter’s Proposed Soda Tax

Soda truck drivers circled City Hall, honking their horns, as hundreds rallied nearby, as a way of saying their jobs are in jeopardy from Philadelphia’s proposed tax on sugared beverages.


(Mayor Michael Nutter, in file photo)

Nutter Looks At New Taxes To Help Avert Philadelphia School Budget Crisis

Mayor Michael Nutter is looking to revive his failed plan to tax sodas, and to raise property taxes and rates for on-street parking, in order to help bail out the School District of Philadelphia from a deficit topping $600 million.



Philadelphia Councilman Wants Firefighter Retirement Deadlines Waived During Staffing Shortage

A Philadelphia city councilman says staffing shortages in the Philadelphia Fire Department could be readily solved if the mayor let dozens of firefighters who are due to retire stay an extra year.


(Philadelphia City Council.  File photo)

City Council Gives Thumbs-Up For Philadelphia Top Cop’s Salary Hike

Philadelphia City Council, which controls the purse strings of the city’s government, apparently has no problem with the $60,000 salary hike given to police commissioner Charles Ramsey to keep him from fleeing to Chicago.



City Councilman Weighs In On DROP Debate

City Council still has yet to schedule a hearing on the mayor’s call to eliminate the controversial DROP pension perk. But one lawmaker on Thursday said that debate should look at the larger financial problems facing that pension plan.