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Councilman Bill Green

(Philadelphia City Council chambers.  File photo)

Philadelphia City Council Wraps Up Hearings On Zoning Code Makeover

Community groups concerned about losing their voice in the process dominated the second City Council hearing on the plan to rewrite, top to bottom, the city’s antiquated zoning laws.


(Credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Nutter Addresses Philadelphia, City Council Still Looking For Alternatives To Soda Tax

Outside City Hall: a protest against a proposed soda tax. Inside City Hall: council members talking about how to avoid a soda tax while still bailing out the cash-strapped School District.


(Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman, in file photo.  Photo by Mike DeNardo)

Philadelphia Councilmembers Grill Schools Chief As Funding Controversy Deepens

Arlene Ackerman wants $102 million from the city to help cover the school district’s massive deficit, but councilmembers why the school district is spending money on other programs.


File photo: John McDevitt

Philadelphia City Council Committee Meets To Discuss Approval Of New Bike Lanes

As Philadelphia today hosts the big bike race, city officials are in the midst of a battle over adding new bicycle-only lanes to some Center City streets.


Richie McKeithen (right) and staff address Philadelphia City Council in April, 2011. (Credit: Steve Tawa)

Nutter’s Timetable For Fixing Property Taxes Draws Criticism

At least one critic doesn’t think Mayor Nutter’s timetable is adding up, for fixing real estate tax values in Philadelphia.


(File photos)

Philadelphia City Council Votes To Close Loophole In City Election Finance Law

Philadelphia City Council today passed a bill to close a loophole in the city’s campaign financing regulations that allowed campaign donors to give more than the legal limit to city candidates.



Philadelphia Lawmakers Eye Changes To City’s Business Taxes

Introduced today in Philadelphia City Council: a plan that could radically alter the city’s business tax by shifting some of the burden from local firms to large, national companies.