Area Residents Can Learn How To Keep Their Hearts Healthy In NE PhiladelphiaCardiologist Dr. Thomas Metkus says it's essential for people to understand what may be happening to them so they know what not to ignore.
US Paying The Price For ObesityThe estimated annual cost of obesity is $147 billion but the price on our overall health is even greater.
Benefits Of A Preventative LifestyleFrom a lifestyle standpoint there is now little doubt that exercise, a well-balanced diet and stress reduction can play a protective role as we age.
Obesity Increases Health Risks Every YearEach year that a person is obese increases their risk of developing coronary artery disease - often a silent killer.
Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Alzheimer's RiskA study out of Columbia University found those who followed the Mediterranean diet had a 68% reduction in developing Alzheimer’s.
AngiogenesisAngiogenesis is the formation and development of blood vessels. When it's not working right, it can complicate conditions such as cancer and coronary heart disease.
Controlling The <em>Bad</em> CholesterolDyslipidemia is the medical term for having an elevated total cholesterol or ldl cholesterol level. This risk factor for stroke and coronary artery disease must be controlled.

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