Cooking Oil

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Health: Growing Trend Has Some Gargling Cooking Oil To Help Their Health

A new trend with claims to be able to cure bad breath, arthritis, hangovers and even whiten teeth. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl explains.


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Philadelphia Man Charged In Theft Of Used Cooking Oil

An indictment released Thursday alleges that 46-year-old Bernard Corbin sold the stolen oil on the black market. Prosecutors say it was eventually recycled and then shipped around the United States.



Thieves Hot For Cooking Oil

Vegetable oils and animal fats can be turned into Biodiesel fuel and restaurants in Philadelphia and the suburbs are cashing in getting a dollar plus per gallon for the used oil.


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Mysterious Fryer Oil Situation Causes Building Evacuations In Old City

There was a Hazmat situation in Old City Saturday morning that shut down a block and forced evacuations for a few hours.


Local Water Companies Warn Households About Pouring Grease Down The Drain

It’s lurking in the nation’s sewers, and even as close as the sewage line that runs from your house to the main. It’s called FOG — for accumulated fats, oils and grease. In Philly, it’s FROG, since the water department includes tree roots.