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Two Former Birds Support Student-Athlete Concussion Protections

Pennsylvania lawmakers will try again to pass legislation aimed at protecting student athletes who’ve suffered concussions.


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Software In Development Could Diagnose Concussions Instantly

A local researcher is working on software that can analyze brain waves and diagnose brain health.


Making School Sports Safer

With the sharp increase in recent years of sports-related injuries for student-athletes, representative Timothy Bishop of New York, part of the House Education and Labor Committee, is sponsoring a bill requiring schools to develop a plan for concussion safety and management.



Players Of All Ages Risk Serious Football Injuries

In football, each hit is a chance for an injury, and one mistake can put a player at risk for concussion. Even if that player is only a kid.


Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles

Jackson May Never Be The Same Again

DeSean Jackson’s concussion on Sunday opens the door for future concussions.


Concussions Are More Than A Headache For The NFL

The NFL has always worked with the philosophy get the players back as soon as it is safe, but research suggests keeping them out as long as possible to minimize damage.


Pair of Eagles' Head Injuries Shine Light on Concussions

Eagles linebacker Stewart Bradley was knocked out, tried to get up, then fell to the turf before being helped from the field.  Quarterback Kevin Kolb also suffered a head injury.  Yet both players were allowed […]


Concussion Concerns As Football Season Begins

The news of former Eagle’s fullback Kevin Turner developing symptoms of Lou Gerig’s disease as a result of concussions in his football career raises the question: just how much damage are athletes doing to themselves with […]




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