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Chronic Traumatic Encephalitis

Autopsies have been performed on many NFL players and others with head trauma and have uncovered chronic traumatic encephalitis as a result of repeated concussions.


(Concussion patient Jack Vermeil works the Dynavision training board at Bryn Mawr Rehab.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Area Hospitals Seeing More Patients Reporting Sports Concussions

At Bryn Mawr Rehab, a concussion patient uses a vision training board by slapping at lights as they flash randomly.




A concussion is a brain injury sustained during a blow to the head. Symptoms can include, headache, lack of concentration, nausea, vomiting and changes in personality.


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Judge Orders NFL, Retired Players To Negotiate

The NFL and former players must try to negotiate a dispute over whether complaints about concussion-related injuries belong in court or in arbitration, a federal judge said Monday.



Teens Report Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to a Canadian study of almost 3000 teenagers, 20% of them said they had traumatic brain injury.


The Reebok Check Light measures impact to help determine if an athlete has a concussion. (Credit: Reebok)

Concussion Diagnosis Getting Tech Boost

About 3.8 million sports-related concussion-type injuries occur in the US each year, with very few of those who suffer them ever getting checked out at hospital.


The Warwick Wildcats play the Hatfield Icedogs during a game at the Warwick Arena in 2010.  (File photo by Bill Rudolph.)

Concussion Impact Testing Offered At Bucks County Ice Rink

By Michelle Durham WARWICK, Pa. (CBS) – A Bucks County Ice Rink wants parents to take a proactive, rather than reactive approach, to ice hockey injuries — concussions in particular. So they are offering a […]


(Left to right: Lisa McHale, widow of Eagles' guard Tom McHale; Kevin Turner, former Eagles' fullback; Mary Ann Easterling, widow of Atlanta Falcons safety Ray Easterling; Dorsey Levens, former Eagles' running back; Bill Bergey, former Eagles' linebacker.  Credit: Pat Loeb)

Football Players Tell Judge Their Case Against NFL Is Just — And Urgent

Some players are suffering from dementia or depression, and fault the league for rushing them back on the field.


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Seau Lawsuits Merged With Pa. NFL Concussion Case

A pair of wrongful-death lawsuits over the suicide of Pro Bowler Junior Seau have been consolidated with NFL concussion litigation in Philadelphia.


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Youth Sports Safety Action Plan Proposed To Lawmakers

Not surprisingly, we’ve learned that school sports aren’t always fun. Fortunately, the Youth Sports Safety Alliance has proposed some major safety changes.


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Reminded Of The Risks Of Football

I was particularly saddened to see that Alex Karras, who passed last week, had developed dementia late in life. The risks of playing football are too great to ignore.


head gear for soccer

Local High School Soccer Team Begins Season With Head Gear

The Strath Haven girls’ soccer team opened its season in Downingtown against Bishop Shanahan, wearing head gear.



Concussion Lawsuit Consolidated Into ‘Master Complaint’ To Be Filed Thursday In Philadelphia

Lawyers for former NFL players plan to file a single lawsuit Thursday consolidating scores of complaints brought against the league in the past year accusing the NFL of concealing information linking football-related head injuries to permanent neurological problems.



Study: Soldiers And Athletes Share Similar Brian Trauma

Soldiers exposed to bomb blasts and athletes who have been repeatedly hit in the head show similar, long-lasting brain injuries.


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Researchers Say Concussions Are A Serious Issue, Even For Youth Football Players

Researchers believe the youngsters should have some of the same medical examinations and interventions as older football players.