Computer Security

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Tether App

Tether dubs itself as a digital leash, automatically locking your Mac computer when you walk away.


US Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., in 2013 file photo by Mark Wilson/ Getty Images)

Congress Moving To Tighten Commercial Data Security in U.S.

The issue has gained national attention with computer system intrusions at Target, Nieman Marcus, TJ Maxx, and other retailers.


Legally Dispose Of Personal Information

There are laws that govern not just what you do with the information on your computer system, but also with how you dispose of it.


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Legal Protections For Metadata

Defined unscientifically, metadata is information about a particular file. If you leave metadata in a file, you may share more info than you intend to.


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No Cellphone Privacy

A US Court of Appeals ruled just this past year that Americans have no reasonable expectation of privacy when carrying cell phones, allowing police to track GPS signals without a warrant or probable cause.



‘Password’ Remains At Top of Bad Password List for 2012

“123456” and “abc123” are similar poor choices that persist in the Top 5 of the year’s worst computer passwords.


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Online Shoe Retailer Zappos Warns Customers It’s Been Hacked

Zappos acknowledges that names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, billing addresses, shipping addresses, even partial credit card numbers were stolen.



Is your password strong enough? You may think so, but criminals and their high-powered computers may chew through your password in seconds. can help,